About This Site

I love a fresh start - a clean sheet of paper.

I fell in love with this Squarespace template for its elegant design and the fact that the homepage allows me to build and showcase a collection of images for my 51_10 project.

In restarting my site, I leave behind some years’ worth of content on Wordpress' platform.  I was going to link back to a couple of articles that I thought worth remembering but today I discover that this new site has overwritten the legacy content (likely because the hosting is still provided through Wordpress).

One of the articles was my testament to Senegalese drummer Dou Dou N’Diaye Rose, written upon hearing of his departure from this world in 2015.  I wrote emotionally about his profound impact on me in the very few moments of his performance I witnessed by chance at the World Festival in Vancouver back in 1986 and the two concerts I was fortunate to attend many years later in Los Angeles.  I have managed to refind a link from that original post - “Doudou N’Diaye And Vieux Sing Faye:  Honoring Two Musical Giants Of Senegal.”  This beautiful article by Brendan Kibbee describes a culture of dignity and way of life that has now likely also departed this world.

The other writing that I hoped to link back to was my first post as I began the journey toward a Bachelor’s Degree in CIIS’ accelerated program.  I remember being so enchanted at the fact that my first teachers were a poet, a sculptor and a guy who introduced me to the term “post-modernity” and filled up an entire wall of blackboard with a history of capitalism.

I’m glad to have my degree now and I’m certainly grateful the opportunity to meet a lot of wonderful and very interesting people.  That being said, I also come away from the experience feeling that the social justice pillar of the curriculum leaves us collectively chasing our tail, simply swapping one fight for another.