The seed melody to "Prelude," the first track on the "Mercy Springs Road Vol. 1" recording.

I'm looking for this to be stated as something that sounds like it came from Maynard Ferguson's trumpet section.

The notes are A#, C# and D# - predictably enough, those indigenous flutes of the pre– Incan shamanic lineage all seem tuned to the pentatonic scale.

The jazz ensemble arrangement:

> Intro

> Theme statement

> Solo(s)

> Bridge

> Solo(s)

> Fade

I am open to a B section of the theme.

The bridge will sound as if it has arrived from a different planet and will include some vocals.  I want to address this part after the initial concept begins to take shape.

In addition to voicings for a trumpet section, I am looking for a set of Bill Evans-style chord changes that resemble more the symbol for google (the numeral 8 rotated 90°) than a simple circle.

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